"The Trial... is riveting, especially when Tom's accuser, Mayella Ewell, takes the stand. As played by Erin Wilhelmi, holding herself like a bent pipe cleaner in a print dress, she is a living illustration of pathos transmuted into rage."

   -Jesse Green, New York Times (To Kill a Mockingbird)

"Deserving of special praise is Erin Wilhelmi, for her turn as the pitiful Mayella, who accuses Tom of rape but is really the victim of her father's abuse."

   -Peter Marks, The Washington Post (To Kill a Mockingbird)


"The changes in the play's central relationship are nicely recapitulated in Ms. Wilhelmi's performance as the daughter with a mission of her own; echoing her mother as played by Ms. White, she is more instinctive and apparently guileless in her manipulation..."

   -Jesse Green, New York Times (A Doll's House, Part 2)

"But the most startling change is in Emmy... Wilhelmi lets down the mask, playing a young woman nearly ruined by loss with more visible evidence of her hurt and anger. It's every bit as compelling."

   -Deadline (A Doll's House, Part 2)


"... actress Erin Wilhelmi truly carries this part. Her performance as Adele is vulnerable, sad and lonely without being pitiful. She evokes instant empathy – you smile when she is hopeful, and feel dread as that hope dwindles away."

   -Bloody Disgusting, Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

"Much of the film's heavy lifting falls to Erin Wilhelmi, and the actress acquits herself wonderfully. Wilhelmi has a young Sissy Spacek quality to her, and she approaches the film with a wide-eyed grace."

   -cutprintfilm.com, Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

"Wilhelmi fills Adele with quiet despondency...You can't help but love her."

   -amfm-magazine.com, Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl

"Wilhelmi perfectly captures Sheri's exhausted desperation, and, later, the almost frantic intensity with which she hatches her homemade-sandwich plan."

   -New York Times, American Hero

"..the extremely winning Erin Wilhelmi.."

   -Variety, American Hero

"It is side-splitting what Cantor and Wilhelmi manage to do..."

   -Theatre Mania, Core Values

"Wilhelmi's conflicted Joelle is completely and disturbingly convincing."

   -Huffington Post, The Great God Pan

"Wilhelmi is a sorceress of subtext as Joelle.."

   -Backstage Magazine, The Great God Pan

"Wilhelmi is quite moving in a monologue about the hopeless job market."

   -Theatre Mania, Core Values

"Wilhelmi is a shimmering mess of trembling nerves and sweetly naive enthusiasm as the shy new office assistant, Eliot. Wilhelmi seems fragile, but gives a strong performance as Eliot increasingly panics..."

   -Associated Press, Core Values

"Wilhelmi, as the mousy new hire, creates a palpable wound-up energy that perfectly exudes the discomfort of a young person's first day at a new job and the utter lack of grace that comes from such an event."    

   -Theatre is Easy (.com), Core Values

"As the young activist Julie, Ms. Wilhelmi looks a bit like an exotic forest creature herself, and sings Mr. Friedman's songs with a girlish air."

   -New York Times, The Great Immensity

"Wilhelmi is a particular delight as the innocent, eager beaver Sheri."

   -Hollywood Reporter, American Hero